If you are currently on a tight budget but your bathroom desperately needs updating, do not fret! We are here to tell you how you can make small changes overtime with a bathroom remodeling budget. One of the best ways to achieve a bathroom remodel on a budget is to work with what you have. Before looking at the prices of brand new items consider these possibilities.

Using What You Have for Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget

  • Have you recently installed new flooring in your kitchen or other room of your house? If you have any left over this is a great place to start. If not look for sales and closeouts on flooring. Depending upon the type of flooring you need, you may have to hire a general contractor to pull out the toilet before you install the flooring.
  • Every garage is filled with old paint we forgot we had. Go through yours and family member’s old paint buckets and see if any of those will match your new cost-efficient flooring.
  • Pick and choose where to spend your money. Evaluate the condition of your vanity. If the countertop is bad, why not try replacing only the countertop, while you repaint instead of replace the cabinets for a fresh look. For a fairly inexpensive price, you can buy a piece of wood such as pine and use a router to edge it to the edge profile of your choice. Or, if you don’t feel competent to do the edging, hire a general contractor just to do this small job. Once you have the desired edging finished, stain the board and polyurethane it.
  • Refinishing your sink and bathtub can give your bathroom a newer feel without actually replacing the fixtures. This allows you to spend the money you would have used elsewhere.

Bathroom remodeling on a budget can be tough, luckily here at P&L Construction Services we understand. We are the experienced and affordable bathroom remodeling specialist in Chicago. Our general contractors will work with you in order to prioritize your tasks so you only do the things that need to be done. Not only can we help you remodel your bathroom for less, we are also Illinois’s affordable kitchen and basement remodeler. Whatever your remodeling budget may be we can help you do the most within your means. If you call us today at 847-361-6306 you can speak with one of our bathroom remodeling specialist and even receive a free quote!

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