Are you looking for an inexpensive home remodeling project this winter? Why not heat things up by painting a room using a spice inspired paint palette. Whether you are in the mood for kitchen remodeling or giving your bedroom an upgrade, the hues of oranges, reds, and earthy browns will inject a warm and zesty feel into any room.

The first step is the easiest one, search through your spice rack. Pull spices that are either the color or close to one you envision for your home. Set these aside or put the ones you’ve chosen in the same row so you know exactly which ones were your favorites. Using these colors throughout your home draws your friends and family to the room making them feel warm and comfortable.

There are several paint companies today that have made our lives so much easier by designing color palettes for us. These palettes will show you which colors compliments each other the best so that you end up with the exact desired look in your home. There is even a company that has created a spice inspired paint collection. The majority of these palettes have shades of warm golds, spicy oranges, deep reds and creamy off whites, occasionally they will throw in a pop of bright color as a possible option for a small accent fixture in the room.

When painting any room your painting contractor will probably follow the 60:30:10 rule. This rule balances the colors you have decided on so there isn’t one that over takes the room. Choose your favorite color and use it in 60% of all the visual elements in a room, this can include anything from the walls, to furniture, major fixtures, small accents and even artwork. Your second favorite color will be used in 30% of the room. A great way to do this is using the first color on all the walls but one, then using this second color on the final wall. The remaining color will be in 10% of your décor so either one really big element (like a couch) or a couple smaller ones (throw pillows).

Although room remodeling can be a fun project you don’t want to you get overwhelmed with the task. The contractors at P&L Construction would love to help you with any kitchen remodeling, renovating or decorating you may need. P&L Construction is located in Chicago, Illinois and can be contacted by calling (847)361-6306.

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