This spring you may be feeling like your house needs a facelift, a few quick updates to brighten it up. Here are some easy home improvement projects that can either be DIY if you have time, or a weekend of work for your general contractor.

5 Quick Home Improvement Tasks

  1. Redecorate Your Bathroom: Recycle your old bath matts and towels for a day-long bathroom renovation. After you have purchased new bath matts, towels, and washcloths, your old ones will make great flooring for any pet cage. Don’t have any pets of your own? Donate them to your local animal shelter.

  2. Painting: A coat or two of paint and a few new accessories are a great decorative makeover for any room at very little cost. All you need is primer, a gallon of paint, some painter’s tape, a brush and roller and you’re on your way to a completely fresh, new look. Generally speaking one gallon of paint will cover anywhere from 350-450 square feet of surface area, depending on the brand. Remember to paint the trim (window and door casings, molding and baseboards) or it will look dingy next to your freshly painted walls.

  3. Build a Playhouse: If you are decently handy, this is a great parent-child project for a warm summer project. If not, this is a quick weekend project for any general contractor. Bright colors, interesting shapes and resilient surfaces are key to this home improvement project. Once completed the new playhouse will provide your child with years of fun.

  4. Add a backsplash: Tiles are available in a multitude of materials, sizes and colors, making this a great bathroom remodeling project. If you do everything right, adding a backsplash can really make a space look professionally finished. With the right tools and materials a seasoned DIYer could take this on but it does take patience and a perfectionist’s touch.

  5. Update Your Artwork: Whether it be family pictures, a children’s art project, or a hobby of yours, rotating artwork throughout your home is a great way to create new looks without much effort. Photo collage walls are extremely popular right now and look great in any room.

If you think you need help, or even just ideas, contact an experienced interior home remodeling contractor at P&L Construction Services Inc. We are a company of general contractors and remodel contractors that specialize in remodeling, renovation, redecorating and almost anything else you may need to successfully alter your Northbrook, Illinois home. If your home, office or business looks dilapidated and needs some TLC, our construction company will work to increase its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Contact us at (847) 361-6306 to receive a free remodeling quote.

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