Now that the sun has finally started to shine after a long, cold, wet winter this is the perfect time to start thinking about your spring time home improvements. Instead of taking it easy this spring with chores like cleaning the garage or painting the guest room, why not go big and finally get what you’ve always wanted, a deck.

Decks are a great addition to every home, they not only give you more space for activities, they also increase the value of your home. If you don’t know where to start here are some of the basics about deck building.


  • Wood Decks: Cedar and other hardwoods, as well as pressure-treated pine are always popular choices for homeowners. Just remember that they do require some periodic maintenance to keep them looking good. If you have the budget, consider exotic woods. Many exotic woods, such as ipe, come from South America, and these woods are much denser and stronger than cedar and pine.
  • Composite Decks: A composite deck is one that is made out of material that is a combination of wood fibers and vinyl. These decks are durable, but still look like wood. Vinyl decks are made to look like wood, but with all the strength and durability of vinyl.


  • Sections: If you have the space to build a large deck consider sectioning instead of simply one large rectangle. Sectioning can be done by building or with furniture. Ideally you will want to create spaces for large groups as well as intimate areas with a table for two. Make use of outdoor carpets, comfy chairs and outdoor accessories to pull together all the different areas. Have your general contractor add a pergola to the area to give the space a finished feel while still maintaining the openness and separate areas. You may even want to ask about having a outdoor stone fireplace put in.

Building a deck will give your family a unique space to hang out, get work done and even unwind after a long day. These are just some of the ideas you  can incorporate into a new outdoor deck. If you need more inspiration, contact P&L Construction Services INC. At P&L Construction Services INC. in Chicago, IL our general contractors will work with you to come up with renovations that fit your family and budget. Call us today at 847-361-6306 and speak with a general contractor about making your spring time dreams a reality in your Illinois home.

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